About Us

Linear Lines is headed by Max Cannell, a Cabinetmaker / Joiner who qualified in New Zealand. Max spent many years in the UK, where he honed traditional and modern skills and worked with an array of materials such as various hard woods, European birch ply and solid surface.

At Linear Lines we appreciate that every dwelling is unique and that every customer has their own practical, visual concept. It’s our aim to listen, and then design and create your own bespoke vision to be enjoyed over the years to come.

Over the years, Linear Lines has realized that Acrylic Solid Surface can be used in many different ways, with its main characteristics being: waterproof, anti-bacterial, stain resistant and easy to maintain.

We have recognized that certain colours are translucent and can be lit from behind to give a truly unique advantage over any other material. This has led to the design of the Linear Lines table range – tables which, as an option, can be lit via a tailor-made power source (with no mains power leads required). This lighting technology can also be lent to bathroom vanities and other areas within your home – the possibilities are seamless and endless.

 balancing ergonomics with aesthetics